Burton European Open 2007 Slopestyle Cancelled

Due to a high winds, The Burton European Open Slopestyle final was cancelled today at the Vorab Glacier in Laax, Switzerland.

Bron: Methodmag

The Burton European Open 2007, Day 3: Slopestyle Gets Blown Off
The day started well enough with riders heading up to Vorab glacier on the 7.45am gondola to a sick park: four booters in tight formation followed by a couple of boxrails leading into a quarter. The one-hour practice gave us a tantalising taste of what could have been, with Shaun White stomping a cab ten on his first jump of the day. But pretty soon the wind started to pick up, and riders were getting blown around like so many Sycamore seeds. One of the most serious casualties was Norwegian youngblood Torstein Horgmo, who overshot his last jump and carried away with a suspected broken back. By 9.21am, it was getting hard to stand up, let alone ride, and event manager Liam Griffin waved the red flag – event cancelled.
A big disappointment all round, then. Props to Laax and Burton for doing everything in their power to make an epic contest, and let’s hope the weather pulls its finger out of its ass for the rest of the week… although light snow is forecast for tomorrow, and only Friday looks clear.
Tomorrow, many of the big name riders will be heading stateside for the X Games, so that means tonight is party time… and with 800 bucks in their pocket from splitting the prize money and a lot of unused energy, we’re expecting to see some fun and games tonight. Not that the Method crew will be drinking of course, we’re way too professional.